Honoria in Ciberspazio



a traveler from the mail art network wanders around cyberspace being witty and entertaining and bringing up unusual projects like writing a cyber-opera by collecting libretto material from e-mail lists and procuring the music from a man in a skirt in the computer lab – honoria is that kind of person – fun and full of enthusiasm. Her goal in life is to have a gondola in Venice. She is the main character. (Aquarius) The years being a mom exposing her hands to strong household chemicals have caused her hands to be careworn. The cyborg falls in love with honoria because the cyborg can feel the care in the careworn hands as they play on the keyboard of the computer!


a wizard on a multi-user dimension and postmodern philosopher. He makes long and thorough posts (writings to e-mail lists). He is respected in cyberspace. He has an alternate character who is the famous Italian futurist Marinetti. His songs will be long and thorough.


a young passionate writer and philosopher of virtual communities. .rez is a lively person who is often unsure of himself even though he is very smart. He is a proponent of fleshmeeting (cyberspace lingo for meeting other people one comes into contact with on the internet).

Sandy Stone

cyberspace goddess. Beautiful deep voice. She tosses her head and flips her long black hair just before saying something wonderfully brilliant. honoria has great respect for Sandy and is inspired by Sandy’s style of stand up theorizing performance art.

See sandystone.com

The Cyborg

a creature part human and incorporating electronic components of removable and changeable “parts. “Misinterpreting human passion, the cyborg dashes off an extravagant and sophisticated electronic opera to try to please honoria.

The clones of the Cyborg

copies of single aspects of the Cyborg. Unlike the Cyborg, clones cannot change their parts. They wish to confuse the humans on the net by sending specific signals of attraction. The clones sing alluring love songs to the characters.

The Oracle of hypertext

a tall intelligent blind man with a wonderful way of waving his hands as he teaches about interconnectivity of thoughts, poems, life, etc. The oracle speaks between acts and whenever else he sees the future culture.