Honoria in Ciberspazio


Gallery: Nigel Who? Costumes 1996

Ronnie Bogle, chief designer for Nigel Who? fashions is designing electrified lace bustiers and full skirted costumes for the next performance.

Audio: Music

George Oldziey Since 1996 original music for the cyberopera is composed by George Oldziey. Samples from the October 23, 1996 webcast: honoria (AIFF) Come to me (AIFF) Ryan Goertz Music for the 1994-95 opera growth has been provided by Ryan Goertz. Mr. Goertz quotes canonical opera in his electronic loops. Sample 1 (AU) Sample 2 […]

Gallery: Summer 1997 Wetware Reading at the New Villa

These pictures were taken by Jon Lebkowsky, who wrote an article for the Austin Chronicle about the wetware reading on July 17, 1997. At the wetware reading, the libretto was read to prepare the final changes to the libretto, which were done later in the summer. The reading took place at the pool of the […]

Video: Alton Dulaney, performance artist, as honoria

Webcast December 9, 1995. alton.mov (QuickTime)

Video: Angelo Gomez and Martha McCarrol in a Duet

Webcast April 30, 1996. duet.mov (QuickTime)

Video: SXSW 1997 webcast

Webcast March 9, 1997. Janet Davidson as honoria sings, "And when you send to me the essence of your inside we meet in sacred space, our atoms do collide." atoms.mov (QuickTime) atoms_97.rpm (RealPlayer) Janet Davidson as honoria and Bryan Green as her digital clone: sxswend.mov (QuickTime) Matt Groves as .rez: “Each day I send forth […]

Video: Come to Me Aria, 1996

This video was webcast in October 1996 and used in a performance at Ciber@rt96 in November 1996. A streaming video collage of images evoked from the Come to Me aria featuring music from the original score by composer George Oldziey, the vocals of soprano "One Take" Jenny, and dancer/Choreographer Elaine Dove (Ciber@rt96 First International Conference […]