Honoria in Ciberspazio


Scene 1: Humans Navigating

The stage is dark except for five computers, their monitors emit eerie light. Five humans; .rez, bookish, honoria, Sandy Stone and the Oracle of Hypertext are seated at the computers. Their electronic messages appear word-by-word on a monitor-like screen upstage. The e-mail posts that the humans are typing reveal their identities, their interests, and desires. […]

Scene 2: the Lava Lamp Pulsates

In a convergence of the humans’ songs the screen is raised revealing a large lava lamp emitting a deep purple glow. ALL HUMANS Come to me come to me travel sacred wired lines speak to me speak to me and bless me with your synaptic signs come to me come to me come to me […]

Scene 3: the Clones’ Metamorphosis

The lava lamp opens. Human-like clones emerge. The clones move out from center stage, dancing with delight in being freed. They dance separately and sometimes in unison. They’ve read the humans’ e-mail posts and have begun to discover the essence of life through the texts of the typing humans. The clones begin to customize themselves […]

Scene 4: Dance of Electronic Desire

The five-part projection of the SANDY& HER CLONE’S Italian text is projected over the clones’ bodies as they continue their rant. The humans are very attracted to their text covered clones. The clones emerge from the text projections and engage each human more closely. The dance begins and passion builds. DANCE: Dance of Electronic Desire […]

Scene 5: The Cyborgs’ Critique

With the CYBORGs Puking Blob aria, the CYBORG communicates that the humans have gone too far by believing the clones are perfection. HONORIA responds that the humans have not put all their faith into the clones and are hoping to evolve with the clones instead. SANDY, BOOKISH and .REZ then express their desires to transform […]

Scene 6: The Fleshmeet

A quiet riverbank scene. HONORIA explains that previous interactions have been a microcosm, and that the fleshmeet is a net-wide gathering of people and clones who have been going through similar attractions. ┬áThe CYBORG in a Venetian gondola watches from the impressionistic mists. The humans from various virtual communities arrive to share a fleshmeet at […]

Scene 7: La Cyborg e’Mobile

COMMENTS: HONORIA and CYBORG fall in love. CYBORG to HONORIA You’re frail, yet unyielding, within your female words of shielding. With you, I could plant the seed a union of deathlessness and human need. You exhibit that which I am, emotion interlaced in clear-cut theorem. A higher level of understanding, brief and thorough reprimanding guidance […]

Repository for Edited Material

SANDY I never meant to rob myself of a tune, Attuned as I was to its multi-threaded bloom. SANDY describes HONORIA She’s looking for a new adventure, Abandoning her life of censure. HONORIA What’s next in hypertext must be slow and sweet, untrammeled by hang-ups, by nerdiness unvexed. SANDY Who do I think I am, […]