Honoria in Ciberspazio

Video: SXSW 1997 webcast

Webcast March 9, 1997.

Janet Davidson as honoria sings,

"And when you send to me the essence of your inside
we meet in sacred space, our atoms do collide."

atoms.mov (QuickTime)
atoms_97.rpm (RealPlayer)

Janet Davidson as honoria and Bryan Green as her digital clone:

sxswend.mov (QuickTime)

Matt Groves as .rez:

“Each day I send forth my most secret aches,
each night I read my mail as my heart quakes.”

heartquakes.mov (QuickTime)

Adrienne Meza as Sandy:

“Where is that rare one who personifies the magical shift?
Where is the s/he whose heart heals each rift?”

shift.mov (QuickTime)