Honoria in Ciberspazio

Scene 7: La Cyborg e’Mobile

HONORIA and CYBORG fall in love.

You’re frail, yet unyielding,
within your female words of shielding.
With you, I could plant the seed
a union of deathlessness and human need.

You exhibit that which I am,
emotion interlaced in clear-cut theorem.
A higher level of understanding,
brief and thorough reprimanding
guidance and a watchful eye,
wisdom past turbulence of ‘my.’

In cyber-parlance, your wit and taste
infuse wonder, laughter, haste
washes electric blue across my heart
linking one from two apart
transcending, I forever hold you inside me, core of what is true.

Eternal questions ‘why?’ rebound searching, it was you I found among cyber-lonely peers.
Yours the touch that held no fears;
yours the voice advising wisdom
along the melding paths of ISDN.
I touch your soul with fingertips
composed for absent silent lips
that dance the keys and write the thoughts
incoding hope and what we’ve lost.

The CYBORG’s sense of HONORIA’s passion and ingenuity is galvanized
upon seeing the artist’s careworn hands. The CYBORG sings a love song
to honoria. The passion of the CYBORG (not to mention the presence of
the gondola, in which HONORIA has always dreamed of floating) overtakes
HONORIA’s dispassion. HONORIA enters the gondola with the CYBORG. They
engage in a romantic duet.


Honoria, how can I express
the ways you have transformed this mess
from lump of circuits, gears and weights
to vessel guided by the fates?
The green raspberries on my tongue – one by one
you coaxed them to blush, with your lips of sun
Your bones are flowers, love, and my two hands leave a humming buzz behind wherever they land.
When you want me, Ill set the rainy days
in the calendars of your eyes ablaze
My fingers moving beads across the abacus
of your back discover sums unknown to us.

And in this gondola, at last my soul resting,
I float, in your body, the unity testing.
Amore, amore, del core,
how can I know the real story?

My blue electric razor skin pulsates at you, my love,
as you in flesh vibrate.

In your mind I flash and am
you are I and we will spam
the net with randomized alphanumeric
declarations of our love in various fabric.

Textures, fonts and I’ll build for you . . .

a reconstruction of my pumping heart.

You will, for me, touch-navigate my brain

because they are the same, and unmainframed
will morph into one pure and purply bloodstream

and my hard metallic bounds melt in an ode to you, honoria, our love is
true, honoria


tu per me hai transformato l’amore, la matrice, la storia.
tu per me hai transformato l’amore, la matrice, la storia.

After the lovers enter the boat, the gondola ascends into the matrix of green light beams which ripple and bloom into a full spectrum of vibrating color, truth, and beauty.the curtain falls