Honoria in Ciberspazio

Video: Performance at South by Southwest Interactive 1999

This video documents a ten-minute featured section of act one performed at the opening of the South by Southwest Interactive Conference on March 13, 1999 in Austin, Texas.

Four lonely souls melodically exchange electronic messages hoping to attract meaningful internet relationships. Their search is scorned in grim prophecies from the cruel Oracle of Hypertext.

sxsw_99_hi_bw.rpm (RealPlayer)

Composed and Conducted by George Oldziey.

Eric Peabody (Bass) as the Oracle of Hypertext
Claire Vangelisti (Soprano) as honoria
Oliver Worthington (Tenor) as Bookish
Melinda Brou (Mezzo Soprano) as Sandy
Bruce Cain (Baritone) as .rez

Special thanks to Craig at frog.