Honoria in Ciberspazio

Audio: Opera Interview on KUT-FM Austin after South by Southwest 1999

John Aielli interviewed the opera on the Eklektikos program on KUT-FM Austin on Tuesday, March 18, after the South by Southwest opening party event.

The opera is represented in the studio by honoria (Impresaria), George Oldziey (Composer), and the singers of the SXSW presentation: Eric Peabody (Bass), Claire Vangelisti (Soprano), Oliver Worthington (Tenor), Melinda Brou (Mezzo Soprano) and Bruce Cain (Baritone).

During the hour-long interview, the singers sing the selection from scene one twice. The second time sounds much better and is documented here.

first part of the interview (8:07):
kut_interview_p1.rpm (RealPlayer)

second part of the interview (17:54)
kut_interview_p2.rpm (RealPlayer)

musical selection: singers singing the excerpt from scene one (10:03)
kut_singers_hi_bw.rpm (RealPlayer)

final part of the interview (8:21)
kut_interview_p3.rpm (RealPlayer)